Are you concerned about your child’s spelling abilties?

If you are having these feelings, imagine how your child must feel.

LynebyLyne uses the Montessori approach to teaching spelling.  Using specially designed materials that enable the child to use all their senses, we start at the beginning with what your child CAN do and from there work out where they need support. We will work together to find strategies for them to not only remember their spellings for their test but also be able to use them correctly in their free writing and to truly learn the idiosyncrecies of our wonderful English language.

 Have you found your child is even more reluctant to read now and it is an ongoing battle of pain and tears?

LynebyLyne will work with your child to progressively reduce the fear and anxiety around reading and will work with you on strategies to help win those battles without tears being shed. We will help your child improve their reading ability and develop in them a love of reading and the freedom it brings to open a world of adventure and exploration.

 Are you concerned your child is falling further and further behind in literacy and numeracy?

How are they feeling?  Is the thought of going  back to school becoming a nightmare as they feel worthless and ‘stupid’.

 A lack of expected progress in literacy and numeracy may not be due to a Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia.  There are many reasons why, at a certain point in time, a child does not make the progress expected. Through informal assessments LynebyLyne will help to establish what may be hindering your child from making the progress expected and create a bespoke intervention programme that takes all aspects of learning in to consideration. 

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