Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment

A full diagnostic assessment will help you gain a better understanding of the learning differences that may be contributing to slower than expected progress at school.

A  full  Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment takes about 4 hours in total to complete.

Benefits of a Full Diagnostic Assessment include:

  • Comprehensive written report detailing all areas of strength and identifying any areas of weakness
  • Comprehensive recommendations for how to support both at home and school
  • Peace of mind that your child will now be able to get the type of support they need

How it works

Diagnostic assessments are carried out at the ‘Icanavan’  classroom at LynebyLyne Headquarters or satellite units around The East of England.

In School/Learning Institution with their permission.

In special circumstances, in your own home.

In order to establish the learning differences and any problems or difficulties, the first step is to complete the background information questionnaire. 

This will be sent to you with a prepaid return envelope. 

It is beneficial if the school/Learning Institution also complete a questionnaire as this will give a far clearer picture of the learner. 


Once this has been received a Diagnostic  Assessment session can be booked.

This will involve standardised tests and assessments and takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

After analysis of the results, a full DAR (Diagnostic Assessment Report) is written, including recommended support for home and school.

This can take a minimum  of 4 weeks to complete.


£100 non refundable deposit 

£100 once questionnaires have been recieved and a date booked

£100 on day of first assessment session

Final payment before final report is released

Takes about 4 hours

Licensed Assessors