About LyneByLyne

LyneByLyne came about one Summer when on holiday.  I had just completed my Level 5 SpLD Teaching Qualification and deciding how to move forward with this new career path.  I was explaining to my family that when you read, write or complete mathematical calculations, you work from left to right, top to bottom, line by line.  A play on my own surname and bingo LyneByLyne was created! On this same trip, I spent many hours reading British Dyslexia Association books and found myself exclaiming aloud to my travelling companions ” but we have been teaching this way for 100 years, using the Montessori approach!” That is when I decided that LyneByLyne was going to be more than specialist teaching, it was going to be bespoke teaching, using the best of  the Montessori approach and the most most up to date strategies to enhance learning.  Now nearing retirement age, I will sadly be giving up the teaching side of LyneByLyne and focus on using my knowledge to really get to the bottom of the difficulties children are experiencing in the classroom through screening, assessment and bespoke recommendations.

From a very young age I had the reputation of being ‘very clumsy’ and ‘permanently on the go’.  I struggled to learn to read, only being able to read through a mirror, upside down and back to front! Tying shoe laces was beyond me, velcro had not been invented. Learning to ride a bike was fraught with bruises and crashes. By the end of Primary school my teacher was concerned that I seemed to transpose all my maths answers. No one had heard of Dyslexia.  I worked very hard at school, I was a ‘good student’. In fact after my earlier rocky start, I loved learning.  I went on to complete a teaching degree and then found Montessori. It was during my Montessori training that all the problems I had experienced with maths just disappeared, I couldn’t understand why everyone was not taught in this way.  About ten years ago  I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia.  Now everything made sense. I realised my brain worked differently from others and this prompted me to continue training and researching the benefits of the Montessori approach to learning as an intervention programme 

All Assessors who are affiliated to LyneByLyne have recognised teaching qualifications, up to date DBS and insurance, Professional membership to the BDA (British Dyslexia Association), Patoss (the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties) and SASC (SpLD Assessment Standards Committee).  They all hold current APC’s (Assessment Practising Certificates for specialist teachers) and more importantly, all work  or have worked for many years, within school settings part time within the Learning Support department as the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). All are passionate about improving the life outcomes for learners with Dyslexia and related Specific Learning Difficulties and as such attend as many Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, as part of their Continuous professional development as time and commitments allow!