Assessments for 1:1 Tuition

LynebyLyne is an independant organisation that specialises in bespoke 1:1 tuition for learners of any age with Dyslexia or related learning differences.

How it works

Specialist assessment is the starting point, from which we build each unique intervention programme.

Areas where you will particularly see a difference include:

  • Increased Self Esteem and confidence
  • A greater understanding of the most effective learning style for them
  • Strategies to help with homework, test and exams


Lessons and assessments are carried out in the ‘Icanavan’ classroom at LynebyLyne Headquarters or satellite units around the East of England

If travelling is a problem, we also offer Zoom tuition. Click on the link below to find out more:

Zoom Lessons↵

In order to establish the learning differences and any problems or difficulties, the first step is to complete the background information questionnaire. 

This will be sent to you via a microsoft forms link

It is beneficial if the school/Learning Institution also complete a questionnaire as this will give a far clearer picture of the learner. 


 Once this has been received an ‘assessment for teaching’ session can be booked.

This will involve informal tests and assessments to establish what the learner CAN do and how we can move forward from this point.

After analysis of the results, a bespoke six week intervention programme, unique to each learner will be devised. The first six weeks will be a trial period to ensure both parties are happy.

1:1 Tuition: Assessment for Tuition is included in hourly rate.

30 minute and 45 minute sessions available.